Raw material production base

Rongke Power, based on its advanced technology, keen marketing awareness, and forward-looking judgment on the energy storage industry, started the construction of the large-scale manufacturing base in 2014.

The layout is divided into three parts:

A. Build R&D center in Dalian High-Tech Zone, where the headquarter of Rongke Power Group is located;

B. Construct the new equipment manufacturing base in Dalian Puwan New District with the capacity of 300MW/year in Phase I;

C. Upgrade the key material manufacturing base in Zhuanghe Huayuankou Economic Zone;

Based on the existing cases, establish a complete set of solutions for large-scale energy storage application. Rongke Power knows very well that the industry development finally depends on the market. The company has started to set up standards for domestic and international energy storage industry, and meanwhile actively to explore the global market.

The company has developed key materials of the energy storage system independently. Cell stacks can meet diversified needs of customers, processing such as high efficiency, long service life, low cost, high power density and standardization. As the main supplier of vanadium electrolyte, Rongke Power has mastered the production of high purity and high stability vanadium electrolyte, of which the purity can reach 99.9%.

One of the main electroyte manufacturers worldwide

Bipolar plate: Plate width>1m, high conductivity,anti-erosion and cost-effective

Rated current density of 120mA/cm2,energy efficiency>80%

Material particularly researched and developed for VFB

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