Company profile

Dalian Rongke Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rongke Power") was established in Dalian High-tech Zone in 2008. It is jointly established by Dalian Bolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company is vertically integrated possessing independent R&D and production capacity of vanadium flow battery industry chain.

Over the years, Rongke Power, has built up an outstanding talent team made great technical breakthroughs and claimed proprietary intellectual property rights on key material, such as electrolyte, ion exchange membrane, bipolar plate, high-performance cell stack. The company has applied for more than 100 patents in China and abroad. The company is the home of the National and Local Joint Engineering Center and National Flow Battery Laboratory approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Bureau. Rongke Power  has undertaken a number of national 973, 863 projects, which takes the lead in preparing standards for international battery industry.

Through continuous innovation, Rongke Power has achieved the leading position in vanadium flow battery technology. After the successful application of the first generation large-scale products in renewable energy power plant, the company has developed the second generation of containerized portable products in 2013, significantly reducing the cost of the product. Regarding the expansion in international energy storage market, Rongke Power has seized the opportunity and developed an international strategy. In March 2012, Dalian Bolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, jointly established the UniEnergy Technologies LLC (hereinafter referred to as UET) in the United States, aiming at fostering the innovation capability and expanding the US market. At present, UET has made great breakthroughs in product design, system integration and business model demonstration. The company has won the Top Science and Technology Award of US Department of Energy. At the same time, great business opportunities have emerged in Japanese and European market. Rongke Power received orders of key materials of more than 100MW in Japan and Europe. The product quality are highly recognized by BOSCH Group in 2014 for high product quality. Vanadium flow battery energy storage systems have also been delivered to the wind farms in the north of Germany.

Rongke Power, based on its advanced technology, keen marketing awareness, and forward-looking judgment on the energy storage industry, started the construction of the large-scale manufacturing base in 2014. The layout is divided into three parts: A. Build R&D center in Dalian High-Tech Zone, where the headquarter of Rongke Power Group is located; B. Construct the new equipment manufacturing base in Dalian Puwan New District with the capacity of 300MW/year in Phase I; C. Upgrade the key material manufacturing base in Zhuanghe Huayuankou Economic Zone;  D. Based on the existing cases, establish a complete set of solutions for large-scale energy storage application. Rongke Power knows very well that the industry development finally depends on the market. The company has started to set up standards for domestic and international energy storage industry, and meanwhile actively to explore the global market.

At present, Rongke Power is in a critical period of development. The company will focus on two main tasks: accelerating the construction of manufacturing base and expanding the market. By fully leveraging its technological advantage, it strives to size  the opportunity in the third industrial revolution represented by the renewable energy.

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